Deathrun Codes June 2022 Full List

Enjoy playing Deathrun and get coins, gems as well as exclusive rewards using Deathrun codes for June 2022. The codes are available now. Make sure you utilize them as fast as you can before they are expired!

Deathrun Codes 2022 Full List (February Updated)

Working Codes

These are the working codes of Deathrun that you can enjoy to get gems as the reward.

  • THANKSGIVING2020: Enter this code to get 40 gems as reward
  • SEASON4: Enter this code to get 25 gems as reward
  • Rudolf:: Enter this code to get 25 gems as reward

Expired Codes

These are the expired codes that you might now use anymore because they have been expired.

  • THRILLER: Enter this code to get 50 Scrap as reward
  • SCRAPTASTIC: Enter this code to get 50 Scrap as reward
  • SPOOKYSEASON: Enter this code to get 50 Scrap as reward
  • GLADIEGGOR: Enter this code to get some coins and also gems as reward
  • F2TM: Enter this code to get 200 coins, 1 F2TM Trail and also 10 gems as reward

How to Redeem Deathrun Codes

This video will show you how to redeem the Deathrun codes.

About Roblox Deathrun Game

Deathrun is a very competitive game where you can either be a runner or at some point be a selected killer. Both runner and killer have different objectives. A runner needs to reach the end of the running by avoiding so many traps, whereas the killer needs to kill the runners before they reach the track end.

Deathrun was developed by Team Deathrun and led by Wsly. Until today, Deathrun has had 6 seasons starting from Scrappy Beginnings (Season 1), Galactic Holidays (Season 2), Goo’y Gameshow (Season 3), Lumber Rumble (Season 4), Roman Oasis (Season 5), and this year’s season New Beginnings (Season 6).

Death run has so many map strategy including Training course, Ice cavern, Ancient Jungle, Isla Louca and many more. You can read the list of them here.

If you want to improve your Deathrun power, you need to have its currency. They are coins, gems and prize tickets. However, you can still enjoy some gems and rewards without having to purchase them by using Deathrun codes that we have provided above this article.

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